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The Love Earth 24K Gold Glass Face Oil has been infused with the most organic and exquisite ingredients. As the name suggests our oil has been imbued with the authentic 24K gold that brings the most natural glow to your skin.The oil relieves your dark circles and brightens the dullness in your skin ..
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LOVE EARTH’S 24K GOLD OIL CONTROL MOISTURIZING GEL is here for all of the beautiful people who somehow have to suffer through oily skin. Well, NO MORE!! Our moisturizing gel is the savior you’ve all been waiting for. Our product is most of all, a gel-based formula. Although it works wonders for all ..
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Our 60-day TeaTox cleanses and purifies the body from toxins and waste. It also boosts your metabolism and energy levels throughout the day. It helps you to reduce bloating and stress. AND it is made from 100% natural ingredients.Also FYI, these tea leaves are handpicked from Darjeeling and Assam te..
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With our Love Earth Anti Acne Serum, we present a healthier way of getting acne-free youthful skin. It has the benefits of pure vitamin E, witch hazel, and hyaluronic acid. The serum hydrates and repairs your skin while boosting collagen and elastin. It also evens out the complexion and improves ski..
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One of the most common skin conditions in the world, acne is caused due to clogged pores which cause bacterial growth. Targeting this very issue, we at Love Earth bring forward this kit consisting of products to cleanse your skin, unclog your pores and reduce inflammation. We created a simple three-..
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Well hello there, you self-caring DIVA!! We are very happy that you are thinking about our Love Earth Anti-Blemish Anti-Pigmentation cream. It is here to lighten up those blemishes & pigmentation spots. Along with that, it brightens your skin and unclogs pores. It also reduces acne/pimples...
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Hair fall is one of the most common problems these days. That is why today you are making the right decision by reading about our Love Earth Anti Hair Fall Kit and seeing how much it can help you combat this problem. You are not alone, friend!Our products have the richness of onion but come with a s..
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Our ANTI CELLULITE GEL comes in a gorgeous orange colour. This product reduces cellulite, tightens & firms skin, improves blood circulation in affected parts, tones muscles & mobilize unwanted fat. The usual purposes include the arms and thigh region. Remember this is not for application on ..
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Welcome! You are right where you are supposed to be, my friend! Our Love Earth Anti Marks Cream is here and it is absolutely amazing. You can use it for acne or pimple marks or even dark spots. Anything!Our cream is suitable for all skin types. When applied, it eliminates the appearance of Dark Spot..
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Well hello there! Yes, you are right to be here. Our Love Earth ARGAN OIL-INFUSED MICELLAR WATER is here to get rid of all that makeup you have had your entire day. It thoroughly cleans your skin. Our Micellar Water is based on skin-boosting oil-in-water emulsion technology where small cleansing oil..
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The most beautiful Ayurvedic Hair Oil from Love earth is here to reset your fragile hair.  Filled with nature's kindness, our product is a blend of nourishing oils such as coconut oil and sesame oil, and some more. It makes hair strong from the inside & shinier on the outside.It is very saf..
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Welcome! You are right to be here, my friend! Our Love Earth Ayurvedic Moisturizing Cream is here and it is absolutely fantastic. Enriched with ayurvedic love our cream helps you with everything.Our cream is suitable for all skin types. When applied, it hydrates and gives your skin the care it deser..
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