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12 Jul What can you do on a weekend for your skin and hair?
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Being a modern woman (or a man, or a non-binary person) is not easy. You are constantly on the move throughout the week and it’s exciting and all, but there are always some environmental and lifestyle factors linked to the city you are living in that can be not so good for your skin.Genetics isn’t t..
12 Jul What is face yoga? And Should I be doing it?
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Face yoga is a more organic and alternative option to all those botox and face-lifting procedures. And it has been known to bring about lasting results. Research all around the world has found face yoga may be effective in improving the structural appearance of your face by strengthening the muscles..
02 Aug Skincare tips to prevent skin issues in the rainy season!
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We all love the rainy season because who wouldn’t like waking up to a pleasant breezy morning with light showers, right? While monsoons are a big relief amidst the scorching hot summer of our country, rains don’t do too good for our skin. The rainy season is synonymous with humidity and skincare bec..
26 Jul Face Roller or Gua sha- which should you choose?
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Well, the answer to that question isn’t as simple as you think. Like we wish there was one product that we could give you saying this was the best. But alas! That’s just simply not possible. There are a few differences along with so many similarities between Gua Sha and Facial rollers. It always com..
15 Sep Face serums are raging in the cosmetic industry these days, and rightfully so
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Face serums are raging in the cosmetic industry these days, and rightfully so. They are not just a cosmetic product that instantly makes your skin glow and look younger, but they work as a therapy for your skin. Loaded with the goodness of Vitamin A or Retinol, these face serums if used regularly ca..
15 Sep Lip care- What and How?
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Dry lips again? We get it, friend. We all have that day where we are sitting by our window looking at the billboard outside, trying to get the most amazing lips portrayed by that model on that big screen. But we forget chapstick or our lipstick alone isn’t going to make that happen.But don’t you wor..
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