Being a modern woman (or a man, or a non-binary person) is not easy. You are constantly on the move throughout the week and it’s exciting and all, but there are always some environmental and lifestyle factors linked to the city you are living in that can be not so good for your skin.

Genetics isn’t the only thing that decides your skin and hair anymore. Your daily food and physical habits have a big impact on what you see in that mirror. So start caring, friend. Caring for your skin is simply essential in today’s time and age. 

Usually, working professionals don't get enough time to pamper themselves with anything remotely related to skincare let alone doing it almost every day. So weekends are the only time you get to let your skin breathe. A weekend skincare regime helps in better rejuvenation of the skin and gives a fresh radiant look for weekdays.

Like, start with a decent shower to enable your muscles to unwind followed by a light sprinkle of cold water. It will also open up those tight pores.

Here we have some of our best tips that will cover almost all kinds of regimes you can use, be it any gender, race, or complexion, you will glow on that coming Monday.

Our hectic daily work schedule rarely leaves us with any time to rest let alone pay attention to our skin and hair. So, when the weekend comes, you can use that extra time in hand and that can be spent on taking care of the beauty requirements of the body. 

Doing the following listed skin and hair beauty treatments during the weekend will allow you to look your best during the entire week. Read through-

  • How many of us have been hesitant about booking a salon appointment during the week? Like who has the time, is our usual thought. But some skin and hair pampering at the salon during the weekend are so therapeutic, Diva!!!
    It will also revitalize you for the coming week. In the salon, you can go for treatments and services, following your skin and hair. So make that appointment, if you haven’t already. They also do home services now, so check that out as well.

  • Weekdays are all about those quick hair wash sessions right before going to work. Your hair needs much more than that. So on the weekend, use the extra time in hand for some good hair massage and follow this by applying a good hair mask. Oils alone are a good option. Remember all those times our mothers spent massaging the hair. That’s not only pampering! It also makes your hair ready to bear all the dust and pollution during the week.

  • Show your skin affection with the correct healthy skin items. Always replenish your skin with a moisturizing treat while you rest at the end of the week by applying a medium-term face mask.

  • Look for some anti-oxidants in your products when you go shopping. Antioxidants let your skin breathe better.

  • Washing your face is the most significant and the initial phase for healthy skin to be centered around. Choose a face wash with charcoal because it deeply cleanses away dirt and impurities and helps in unclogging pores to give soft and radiant skin. This usually is a strong product so it’s very compatible with your weekend schedule. Remember to use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin afterward.

  • Skin exfoliation is not an everyday activity. But, you should be regular in exfoliating your skin. Skin exfoliation takes time and during weekdays, you avoid doing that. But during the weekends, let’s use that time to exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrubber, shall we? You can use a mild scrubber from the nearest organic shop or prepare one homemade scrubber to do this. (We have some good options on our website if you’d like to check)

  • No matter what the season is, remember, moisturization should always be there in your skincare regime. And you can use a moisturizer every day, making your skin radiant and providing deep hydration. Go with some gel-based products if you want for the summers.

  • Face masks, which not only improve the overall appearance of your skin are very ideal for weekends. And they are, oh so therapeutic. Masks infused with aromatic essential oils like mint and rosemary can be the key to recapturing that joy and giving yourself a spa-like treatment at home.