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How many of us have been in the middle of something during a working day or as an event and found ourselves looking for makeup that multitasks as we do? A tiny touch-up with our Love Earth multipot will be there for you any time you need that instant gorgeous look!

We can lovingly assure you how much life this Got Your back will bring into your look for an office presentation or like a dinner date where you can just run to the bathroom for a 5-minute tinkle, without stealing any valuable time. 

This deeply moisturizing alternative tint is here for chapped and pigmented lips both alike. And we have been so proud of our brand for making products that match all Indian skin tones and types. It also comes with a gorgeous chocolate vanilla fragrance.


The other regular tints are infused with synthetic chemicals like SLS, Parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, etc, that harm that gorgeous skin in the longer run. But, our product is made with natural ingredients that will be giving you that fierce nutritive benefits to those innermost layers of that glorious skin.

This variant of ours is infused with the love of Almond Oil with all its moisturzing properties. It treats uneven complexion and helps with dry skin.

How to use it?

Since this is a multipurpose product, we have listed its multipurpose use down below. Read through, Diva-

For lips

  • Start with taking a generous amount of our multipot on your finger and gently apply a layer on your lips.

For cheeks

  • Start with scooping some product onto your fingertips.

  • Now apply that on those gorgeous cheeks and gently blend it along the cheekbones.

  • You can add more layers if you’d like if you wish for a more intense shade.

For eyelids

  • Just take a generous amount of our multipot on your finger and gently apply a layer on your eyelids. Now blend to your desired need.

Key Ingredients :

  • Bees Wax
  • Carnuba Wax
  • Candelila Wax
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Almond Oil

A Gentle Reminder

Before you start using a new product we suggest you do a basic Patch Test. 

  • To test your skin if you get any unexpected or unwanted reaction, take a coin-sized amount of the multipot and apply it on a small part of your face, chin, lip, or on your neck and see if the product suits you.

  • Do this every day for atleast a week, and observe the results consistently. 

  • Check for blemishes, irritations, itching, any redness, or any breakouts across the skin’s plane.

  • If there is a sight of any of the above-stated reactions, don’t panic. Just clean your face with a gentle face wash and then follow up with your daily moisturizer. 

We are very sure of our product and that it will suit you, but we put your skin’s health on the top of our priority list.

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