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  • Model: LE 01
  • Weight: 0.10kg
  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 10.00cm x 2.00cm
  • SKU: LE01

Your favorite this product Face Mist- the best one available in this price range is made with real

petals. Its anti-bacterial properties also work on removing some of that redness that sometimes is there due to harsh makeup techniques.

Our product is completely SLS and Paraben-free. This multipurpose product can be used as a skin toner, a face mist, and for an even skin tone. You can spritz it on before and after removing your make-up.

Now we know some of our beautiful customers out here have a teeny-tiny dry skin issue. But worry not! Just a few spritzes of our mist before bed and you will wake up with the most hydrated skin. This product of our is made from completely natural extracts of organic ingredients. It is 100% herbal and the best one out there for you.



    Aqua (Water)




    Food grade color



The antibacterial properties of the real extracts in our face mist prevents skin breakouts. It is efficient in minimizing the open pores. It also leaves a mild floral fragrance of the fresh on your amazing skin. It also hydrates your beautifully tender skin before makeup and even for adding a dewy look post makeup.


How To Use?

    Pick up your favorite Love Earth-Water Face Mist.

    Gently pop the top off.

    Close your eyes and spray the mist 11-12 inches from your skin.

    Now just sit or move around looking like your glowing self!

    This can also be used before or after makeup.



Just a spray after makeup will take away that powdered look of the makeup and leave you with a more hydrated and even look. So, if you’d like be sure to try. This is highly recommended and we have tried it ourselves.


Gentle Reminder

Before you start using a new product we suggest you do a basic Patch Test.

    To test your skin if you get any unexpected or unwanted reaction, take a little spritz of the mist and apply it on a small part of your face, chin, or on your neck and see if the product suits you.

    Do this every day for at least a week, and observe the results consistently.

    Check for blemishes, irritations, itching, any redness, or any breakouts across the skin’s tone.

    If there is a sight of any of the above-stated reactions, don’t panic. Just clean your face with a gentle face wash and then follow up with your daily moisturizer.

    If the irritation continues for any reason, please consult a dermatologist.

We are very sure of our product and that it will suit you, but your skin’s health is our priority. 

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